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Hey, There!

We are Amanda and John Venturino. I am originally from Maryland, and John is from Wyoming. We moved to Wisconsin about 7 years ago. I recently started my breeding program after finding the most amazing puppy, Halli. 


I have always wanted to explore breeding dogs, and goldendoodles are the perfect dog for me. They are social, funny, and very intelligent. They are sensitive to your needs and also sensitive to discipline. They sleep in goofy positions, have a ton of confidence, and they love meeting new people and spending time with you. 

Amanda and John Venturino's Wedding Day with their first goldendoodle Blake


I fell in love with my first doodle over 13 years ago. His name was Sirius, a 90 lb. black labradoodle with some white spots. He was smart and kind and so gentle. I loved dog-sitting him. 


I met John after I moved to Wyoming to attend grad school and convinced him that we needed a goldendoodle. He said 'Okay, as long as it's a boy.' We got our first goldendoodle, Blake, about a year after we met. He was our best friend, love, and reflected the epitome of what a goldendoodle should be. Blake affirmed for us that goldendoodles were always going to be a part of our our lives. After Blake passed, we met Halli. And Halli is the beginning of my breeding program.


From my education to my work experience, and now my hobbies, I've spent a lifetime in the animal industry learning everything I can about all species wild and domestic. Breeding dogs has been a dream of mine that has finally come to fruition allowing me to use all my skills and education. In addition, with each litter I continue to learn and grow as a breeder.


  • B.S. Animal Science - Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

  • M.S. Animal Science - University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY

    • Concentration: Reproduction and Neuroscience

  • M.Sc. Veterinary Medicine - University of Calgary, Calgary, AB, Canada

    • Concentration: Immunology, Infectious Diseases, Vaccine Development​

Amanda Venturino with Halli as a puppy
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