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Cash is a mini multigenerational goldendoodle courtesy of Southern Coast Goldendoodles in Atlanta, GA. He weighs 33lbs. His owners tell me his is very sweet, calm, and relaxed, all traits of a well-bred goldendoodle. He loves spending time with his 3 young human kids and follows them throughout the house. These kids will lay for hours on his dog bed snuggling and loving on him. Unlike many mini or small dogs, he doesn't bark much. He has a lovely straight coat (-/-) and is a low to non-shedding dog. Cash is fully furnished (FF) and has spots! (SpSp).

Mini Multigenerational Goldendoodle 

  • DOB: 10/17/2020

  • Color: red with white spots

  • Weight: 33lbs.

  • Embark & Animal Genetics DNA: Clear

    • ​CDDY/IVDD Not Detected

  • OFA Test Results:

    • Hips: Good

    • Elbows: Normal

    • Patellas: Normal

    • Heart: Normal

    • Eyes: Passed

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