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Favorite Products

  • Atlas Pet Company (Discount Code!)

    • Dog gear built to last!

    • Leashes, collars, pouches, etc.​


    • Waterproof sock-like booties for the snow

    • Allows toes to spread naturally

    • Not intended for sidewalks

    • Used by sled dogs on the Iditarod

    • Inexpensive, colorful, stays on well

  • BrynandCo

    • Etsy small business

    • Personal, creative, and unique collars and leashes

    • Matching collars and leashes

    • Pro tip: be sure to get your leash customized with the traffic lead!

  • Strangetails

    • Small business

    • Biothane collars and matching leashes (waterproof and durable)

    • Gorgeous colors!

    • Several leash variations available

    • Pro tip: be sure to get your leash customized with the traffic lead

  • Julius-K9 Harnesses

    • High quality material

    • Can be fitted on the dog in one move

    • Distributes well across the dog's chest to optimize comfort

    • Removable customized velcro panels (i.e. name, 'service dog', etc.)

    • Research Results on harness design

  • PetSafe EasySport Nylon Reflective Harness

    • Comfortable fit with padding and elastic neckline

    • Reflective piping for visibility at night

    • Top handle to guide or redirect your dog

    •  Two buckles for easy on and off 

Blake wearing dog booties
Selection of colorful collars

I've had my pet fountain for 14 years! Replacement parts available on Drinkwell website.

Great product for late night walks and also keep tabs on pup when she's going potty in the dark!

Great camera for watching puppy when you're away from home. Motion and sound activation!

For walks, training classes, and always having treats available!

A lifejacket is a great accessory to make sure pup stays safe in the water.

Halli wears size Large. If your pup is smaller they may be a Medium.

Halli wears size Large. If your girl is smaller she may be a Medium.

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