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Future Litters

Announcing Halli x Camp

Fall 2023!
Accepting Applications! 

Wait List is Full!
Inquire for Spring 2024


Camp is an amazing stud that comes to us courtesy of the Doodle Cove, a GANA Blue Ribbon breeder. Camp is about 40lbs. and 19" at the shoulder. He is an intense red likely with 2 copies of the Irish spotting gene. He is clear for all genetic diseases and has excellent hips.

What to expect from the puppies:

  • Average 50lbs though they can range from 30-65lbs in weight

  • Fully furnished and low to non-shedding

  • Color will range from shades of apricot to intense red

  • Each puppy should have white spots across the paws, chest, and head!

  • All puppies will have black noses and dark eyes.

  • The coats will be curly, wavy, or straight.


Structure and Temperament:

I love Camp's body shape and head structure. He looks similar in structure and appearance to Halli with long legs and a gorgeous face. He also has a plushy coat like Halli. Camp loves kids, and his calmer personality will generate puppies who are eager to please and enjoy hanging out with you. Halli has a lot of energy and loves to snuggle. Just like Halli, Camp LOVES to swim! You can expect puppies who will enjoy fetching and romping outdoors. I am hoping for great results from these pups! Camp is proven and has produce the most gorgeous muppet teddy bears you can imagine who are sweet as pie!

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