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**Update: Halli has been bred! Ultrasound scheduled for May 24th!

Ethical, Thoughtfully
Bred Goldendoodles

We specialize in producing quality puppies who optimally represent the breed. Our goals include breeding for health, wellness, and temperament.​

We strive to

develop highly biddable puppies with sound structure, soft wavy to straight coats, and minimal shedding.

We Focus on Every Little Detail...

A litter of goldendoodle puppies sleeping

Hey, There!

Amanda's lifelong dream of exploring dog breeding found its perfect match in the versatile goldendoodle breed. Amanda tirelessly refines breeding strategies utilizing the latest research publications to enhance outcomes and advance canine health. She volunteers with the Functional Dog Collaborative to cultivate the intricate balance of functionality and health in breeding practices. Mandi's Doodles stands as a testament to their commitment to advancing the welfare of dogs through responsible breeding practices and unwavering dedication.

Welcome to Mandi's Doodles, where passion meets purpose! With an unwavering devotion to dogs, Amanda and John Venturino have embarked on a breeding journey beginning with their beloved Halli, a remarkable goldendoodle.

Amanda and John


Amanda and her puppy Beck


  • B.S. Animal Science - Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

  • M.S. Animal Science - University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY

    • Concentration: Reproduction and Neuroscience

  • M.Sc. Veterinary Medicine - University of Calgary, Calgary, AB, Canada

    • Concentration: Immunology, Infectious Diseases, Vaccine Development​

I have fully immersed myself in the animal science and veterinary industry. I firmly believe that education, coupled with a solid foundation in biology and dog breeding, is paramount for success. It's this commitment to ongoing learning and expertise that fuels my passion and drives my dedication to producing healthy, well-adjusted puppies. Each litter becomes a new chapter in my journey, fostering continuous learning and growth as a breeder.


We Focus on Several Key Areas to Develop Well-Rounded Puppies 


We Focus on Several Key Areas to Develop Well-Rounded Puppies 

House and heart icon


Puppies are raised with our family in our home and involved in our daily lives. We adhere to a schedule similar to a typical family to ensure a smoother transition to your home.

Biohazard symbol


A biosecurity program is implemented when entering the home to protect puppies from pathogens during their most vulnerable stages of development.

Family Icon


Puppies are introduced to children of various ages, senior citizens, and new people to provide enrichment and exposure.

Puzzle and game icon


Puppies meet small animals like chickens and cats, climb stairs, master eye contact, and waiting quietly for meals.

Brain Icon


ENS is critical for development to increase performance and learning capacity. Early scent introduction stimulates the senses and promotes neural plasticity and growth.

Graduation caps


A very reputable raising method that provides lessons and stimulation to produce engaging, well-rounded puppies who are eager to learn.

Our Philosophy

What Makes a Goldendoodle Amazing

2 Goldendoodles sitting together


A Goldendoodle embodies the best of both its Golden Retriever and Poodle ancestry. This versatile breed is known for its high intelligence, friendly demeanor, and affectionate nature, making them perfect additions to any family. Their versatility ensures they can fit into many different lifestyles and roles.


Our breeding program aims to produce pups with these desirable traits. They should have a medium drive and a fleece coat which is

 easier to maintain.

Gorgeous litter of goldendoodle puppies for sale


Strong genetics are the building blocks to healthy dogs. The key principals of crossbreeding improve the gene pool for the breed by increasing genetic variability which is often lacking in purebred dog breed populations.


By broadening the gene pool, we can improve immune response, reproductive outcomes, and reduce the incidence of heritable diseases. For more information on the improved health outcomes Goldendoodles offer, read GANA's "Why Own a Goldendoodle?'

GANA logo

About GANA

GANA is dedicated to enhancing the Goldendoodle breed by promoting education on best breeding practices, prioritizing health testing, and advocating for genetic diversity.

To uphold their commitment, GANA manages a registry for dogs, facilitating the monitoring of health testing outcomes. Moreover, the club remains steadfast in keeping the stud books open, fostering the infusion of new genetic contributions to enrich the breed's diversity and disease resilience.

What Our Clients Say

Notes From Happy Pawrents

Happy family with their Mandi's doodles goldendoodle
Hally Family with their Mandi's Doodles Goldendoodle

Mandi and John were kind, helpful, honest, and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. It was obvious when we went to pick out our pup that they were raised in a nurturing home environment. Mandi was amazing with communication and “pupdates” prior to us meeting the puppies. We could not be happier with our decision to get our Macy from such a great breeder. If you are looking for a healthy, happy, trainable puppy, we highly recommend Mandi’s Doodles!

How I Met Your Puppy, Winter 2021
Hally Family with their Mandi's Doodles Goldendoodle

Mandi went above and beyond to raise beautiful, healthy, SMART puppies! She was attentive to our needs and helped us match with a puppy that fit our home and family. She continues to support us as we brought our puppy home and I am confident that we will be successful because we have her in our corner.

Outlander Litter, Summer 2023
Hally Family with their Mandi's Doodles Goldendoodle

Amanda is a FANTASTIC breeder. She is very knowledgeable and puts a lot of time and thought into each litter. We took home a puppy we were confident would fit perfectly into our home. She provides a lot of support and training resources throughout the process as well as beyond. If you’re looking for a goldendoodle, choose Mandi’s Doodles.

Cheeseheads Litter, Winter 2023


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Halli with her gorgeous litter of newborn Goldendoodle puppies for sale

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Stoughton, WI

  *A small suburb outside of Madison, WI

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