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Halli was named after the Halligan bar, a tool used in firefighting for forceful entry. She has a very big personality with lots of character. She loves to snuggle, swim, chase and chew sticks, making pillow forts, and enjoys socializing with other dogs, kids, and people. She is very smart and knows a ton of commands, but also likes to make decisions for herself. She has a gorgeous thick wavy coat and a low shedder.

Standard F1 Goldendoodle

  • DOB: 8/3/2019

  • Color: Red

  • Weight: 68lbs.

  • Embark DNA: Clear

    • ​CDDY/IVDD Not Detected

  • OFA Test Results:

    • Hips: Good

    • Elbows: Normal

    • Basic Cardiac: Normal/Clear

    • Eyes (CAER): Normal

Chance the standard poodle


Chance is an AKC registered standard poodle. Chance belongs to a fellow breeder. He is a very nice boy who is mellow and eager to please. He is quick to respond to his owners and enjoys playing with his kids as well as other dogs in the home. He is very smart and easy to train. Chance is a very pleasant, mild-mannered dog who is a joy to be around. He produces gorgeous puppies who are equally as mild mannered. His black puppies do not fade and tend to have some select white spots. 

Standard Poodle

  • DOB: 4/14/2018

  • Color: Black with a white star on his chest

  • Weight: 50lbs.

  • OFA Test Results:

    • Hips: Good

    • Elbows: Normal

    • Eyes: Normal

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