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Born May 11, 2023
4 females and 5 males

Outlander Litter

The wee lads and lassies at 4 weeks old!

The wee lads and lassies at 8 weeks old!

Listen up, lassies and laddies! We've got some braw news! The wee puppies arrived just in time for Mother's Day. Halli, the mama, did a fine job deliverin' 9 gorgeous bairns. Ye should see 'em! There's 4 that are a lovely apricot color, 3 with a frosty coat that might darken as they grow, and 2 stunning dark red puppies. They all have Irish spottin', too!

If ye want to keep up with the antics of these braw little pups, ye can follow em' on social media. I'll be postin' updates, photos, and videos as they grow up, so ye can see how they're getting on.

This litter have already been claimed. But dinnae fash, we're planning to have another litter from this same pairing in the Fall of 2023. So, if ye want to be sure to get yer paws on one of these cuties, ye need to submit an application as soon as possible. I'm tellin' ye, these puppies are in high demand and they tend to go like hot cakes. These puppies are in high demand and they tend to go like wildfire, so don't dilly-dally!

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