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how i met your puppy



Click on Chance's photo for health info!


Haaave you met these puppies?! Halli and Chance's legendary litter of 10 F1b goldendoodles, born Oct 27th, 2021, are spreading joy and laughter wherever they go. Among the pups, 3 precious females and--wait for it--7 lively males fill their families' hearts with love. With coats ranging from sleek black with some white spots to cream and apricot, these furry companions brought an awesome splash of color to their new homes. While some of the males grew to over 80 pounds, most settled at a comfortable 60 to 65 pounds, each becoming a cherished member of their families. From playful antics to heartwarming snuggles, these puppies continue to brighten each day with their irresistible charm! True Story.

Blue (M)

Lilypad (F)

Stella (F)

Puzzles (M)

Mosby (M)

Legendary (M)

Wait For It (F)

Marshmallow (M)

Barney (M)

Carl (M)

Pawrent Pupdates!

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