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Cheeseheads Litter



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Halli and Camp churned out ten adorable pups on November 26th, 2023, a perfect blend of five girls and five boys, ranging from apricot to dark red. With two curly coats, at least two straight coats, and the rest sporting wavy fur, they're a brie-lievable mix. Weighing in from 45 to 65lbs, most will land around 55-60lbs, making them as substantial as a wheel of cheese. Among them, Brie stood alone as the big cheese, selected to continue the lineage at Mandi's Doodles. She's a gouda girl with her sweet demeanor and zippy spirit. All pups are sharp as cheddar, highly trainable, and as happy as mice in a cheese cellar! These little cheesemongers are as sharp as aged cheddar, ready to be trained and spread joy like cream cheese on a bagel!

*These puppies are registered with GANA

Newborn Photos


4 Week Photos

Pawrent Pupdates!

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