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Outlander Litter



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Aye, Halli and Camp, they've got themselves a lovely crew of 9 wee bonnie lads and lassies on May 11th, 2023. Ranging from dark red to apricot, these wee pups are a sight to behold, with 6 laddies and 4 lassies among them. Two sport a curly coat, while the rest boast waves. Halli brought the first pup into the world while I was out fetching paint from Sherwin Williams, hence the wee yin's named Willie. These pups have grown up fine, weighing between 55 and 65 pounds, their fleece coats as soft as can be. Smart as a whip, they are, and ready for any task. They're fond of children, too, and some are even training for therapy work, spreading joy wherever they go. And as for the 3 "Minnesota Highlanders," they have their wee gatherings now and then, keeping the camaraderie strong.

*These puppies are registered with GANA

4 Weeks Old

8 Weeks Old

Pawrent Pupdates!

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