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Mandi's Halligan Bar of Granton Creek
Standard F1 Goldendoodle
  • Birthday: 8/3/2019

  • Height at the Shoulder: 23.5"

  • Weight: 60 lbs

  • Color: Apricot

  • COI: 1%

  • Coat Traits:

    • Furnished (+/-)

    • Shedding (-/-, Silky Coat)

    • Texture (+/-. wavy coat)

Health Testing Results
  • Titles: RatN, RatO, RatS

  • Education:

    • Intermediate Family Dog Training

    • Reliable Recall

About Me:

Halli is the embodiment of your ideal Goldendoodle. She is always ready for outdoor adventures and especially loves swimming! She's a social butterfly, adoring every person she meets. Her moderate to high drive is evident in her love for chasing critters and excelling in activities like Barn Hunt. She recently acquired her Rat Senior and has moved up to the Master level. Halli thrives in every environment.

Despite her adventurous spirit, Halli is a gentle soul, adoring every person she meets. She forms strong bonds and makes people feel she's been waiting her whole life to meet them! She is great with children, cats, and adult chickens. At the end of the day, Halli really enjoys snuggling in bed and smothering you with all her weight. She is a beloved member of our family.  

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