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Mandi's Do you Brie-lieve in Magic?
Multigenerational Goldendoodle
  • Birthday: 11/26/2023

  • Parentage: Halli x Camp

  • Height at the Shoulder: TBD

  • Weight: ~45 lbs

  • Color: Apricot with Irish Spotting

  • COI: 5%

  • Parentage: Halli and Camp

  • Color Genotype: KbKy, AtAt, Bb, SS

  • Coat Traits:

    • Furnished (+/-)

    • Shedding (-/-, Silky Coat)

    • Texture (-/-. straight coat)

  • Genetic Diseases: All Clear via Embark

  • Hips: PennHip (.41,.47, Good Hips)

  • Orthopedic Foundation for Animals:

    • Elbows: TBD

    • Cardiac: TBD

    • Eyes (CAER): TBD

Health Testing Results
  • Titles: TBD

  • Education:

    • Puppy Kindergarten

    • Puppy II

About Me:

Beck is a delightful addition to our family and breeding program. With a perfect blend of drive and settling, Beck is eager to explore the world and learn new things. Highly biddable and eager to please, she excels in training and giving excellent eye contact as she eagerly awaits instructions. I really enjoy training and working with her. Despite her size, Beck isn't afraid to wrestle with the big dogs, showing her fearlessness. She is very curious, but quick to respond to commands. 


Her gorgeous, soft coat is a dream to groom, enhancing her already stunning appearance. Structurally balanced with good angulation, Beck is poised for success in various activities, including Barn Hunt. Beck has proven to be the easiest puppy to raise, a testament to her adaptability, joyful nature, and lovely genetics. I look forward to continuing her journey with me.

Beck bed.png
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