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Goldendoodles require regular grooming, and having the right tools is crucial. Essential tools start with a great shampoo and condition, a slicker brush, metal tine comb, and more. These tools will help you maintain your Goldendoodle's coat and overall appearance between professional grooming appointments. To learn more about my 'go to' tools and best tips, check out my YouTube Channel. 

Local Groomer

Sheena Verburg

      655 Half Mile Rd. Verona, WI​
      (608) 848-3647

Sheena has been a dog groomer since 2008. She grew up surrounded by pets, especially Shih Tzus. She's a single mom who just adopted a kitty!  

I've been seeing Sheena for 8+ years. When she moved locations across town to Verona, I had to go with her. She is such a caring groomer and really enjoys her work. Sheena always makes Halli look adorable; she knows exactly what I want and never 'poodles my doodle'. 

Shampoo & Conditioner

Pride and Groom is a fantastic pet grooming supply company that using all-natural ingredients carefully selected for their proven benefits. Ingredients are sourced from around the world, solely from nature, and each formula contains a unique blend of essential oils and sustainable ingredients tailored to different coat and skin types.


I recommend the Non Shedder Shampoo and the Final Coat Conditioner. What impressed me the most is the fragrance, which strikes a perfect balance. The scent lingers and leaves mom and puppies smelling so fresh and clean! One product worth checking out is their Proud Deodorant Spray, great for refreshing that new bath fragrance anytime. Additionally, the Leave-in Conditioner is ideal for tackling tough mats or simply leaving your dog with a soft and smooth coat.

Products are also sold at Petco and

Grooming Tools

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