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Mandi's Paint the Highlands Red Jamie
Multigenerational Goldendoodle
  • Birthday: 5/11/2023

  • Height at the Shoulder: 22.25"

  • Weight: 65 lbs

  • Color: Red with Irish Spotting

  • COI: 3%

  • Parentage: Halli x Camp

  • Color Genotype: KbKy, AtAt, Bb, SS

  • Coat Traits:

    • Furnished (+/+)

    • Shedding (+/-, Low Shedding)

    • Texture (+/-. Wavy Coat)

Health Testing Results
  • Genetic Diseases: All Clear via Embark

  • Orthopedic Foundation for Animals:

    • Hips: TBD

    • Elbows: TBD

    • Cardiac: TBD

    • Eyes (CAER): Clear

  • Titles: TBD

  • Education:

    • Puppy Class

    • Basic Obedience

    • Advanced Obedience

    • Rally

About Me:

Meet Malcolm, the charming mischievous goldendoodle. He keeps his parents entertained with his hilarious antics, like his fondness for stealing butter, and always keeps them on their toes. He's a quick learner, excelling in obedience, and finding joy in attending Rally classes. Malcolm loves exploring the outdoors. He has a medium drive, and I love that he is able to settle when in public spaces surrounded by distractions. Malcolm is quite the character ans has such zest for life!


Malcolm is a pretty flashy dood! With his excellent soft wavy coat and striking dark red color, Malcolm is a true head-turner wherever he goes. His parents take great pride in maintaining his impeccable coat, regularly grooming and brushing it to perfection.

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